Audit and Services Development

Medicine Safety Reviews

We have knowledge and experience of recommending changes to reduce the prescribing of these medicines to high‐risk patient groups.

We can implement changes to medicines that result from MHRA alerts, product withdrawal and other local and national guidance to preserve practice time for patients.

Service Development

We offer pharmaceutical advice for the development and implementation of new services that have medicinal components (e.g. advice on treatment pathways, patient information leaflets or standardising patient care).

Implementation of Guidelines and Recommendations

Upon request, we can monitor practice prescribing against local formulary, SMC approved medications, unlicensed/high cost medicines and medicines that should be prescribed by hospital doctors or subject to shared care.

We are able to audit your practice’s compliance against NICE technology assessment guidance or other guidance as requested.

Risk Stratification

As part of our core value of improving patient care, we can review cohorts of patients at high risk of harm from medicines through computer searches or at the direction of your individual practice. 

We analyse, interpret and present medicines data to highlight issues and risks to support decision making where necessary. Where invited, we can present data at a practice level and re-audit within an agreed timeframe to demonstrate change.

Medicines Quality Improvement

To support revalidation, we can undertake clinical audits of prescribing as directed by GPs. We can feedback the results and implement changes in conjunction with the practice team or on an individual level.

Education and Training

We can arrange and provide education and training to your healthcare team on therapeutics and medicines optimisation from field experts.

In addition to common long term conditions training, we offer specialist training in learning difficulties and mental health medication management, with opportunities to address individual patient concerns and areas for practice improvement.

If you would like to learn more or discuss specific requirements for your practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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