Prescribing Support

Free up your clinical time

Clinical Medication Review

We can offer dedicated medication review clinics or work with you to identify how to integrate these reviews into our bespoke service.

We can undertake clinical medication reviews with patients with multi‐morbidity and polypharmacy and implement prescribing changes, including arranging and following up on relevant monitoring tests.

Medicines Information

With a strong background in multidisciplinary care, we can identify and liaise with any specialist healthcare staff or services. This ensures high quality, evidence-based outcomes for any medicines queries.

We answer relevant medicine‐related enquiries from GPs, practice staff or other healthcare teams. Our pharmacist will suggest and recommend solutions where possible and provide follow up for patients to monitor the effect of any changes.


Repeat Prescribing Services

We have experience in managing the repeat prescribing reauthorisation process and can review medicines in line with practice protocols for repeat medicines.

If required, we can undertake a portion of the repeat prescribing workload.

Patient Medication Support

Being the first point of contact for any medication or treatment related queries will maximise clinician availability for medical consultations.

We can provide dedicated time for patient-facing/video or telephone appointments for questions, queries and concerns about medicines.

This can often provide an opportunity to intervene on areas for improved care.

Medicines Reconciliation

Reconciling medicines following registration of new patients, discharge from hospitals, or moving into intermediate care or care homes improves patient care and reduces medicines-related errors.

We can identify and manage medicines to be prescribed or any changes required. Working with patients and community pharmacists, our services ensure patients receive the medicines they need.

This process involves following up any ongoing treatment needs including dose titration and booking of follow up tests.


Acute Prescribing and Signposting

We are experienced in managing acute prescription requests, prescribing where appropriate.

Within this service we can triage or recommend treatment for patients with common/minor/self-limiting ailments.

Where necessary, patients are referred to another healthcare professional for the appropriate level of care within an appropriate period of time.

If you would like to learn more or discuss specific requirements for your practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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