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What do we do?

We aim to offer a cost-neutral service to practices where possible. Through our sessional pharmacist work, we can support many healthboard funded services, allowing your practice to gain extra sessional time for clinicians.

We can also supply pharmacists to undertake any funded audits, medication reviews and switches within an agreed number of sessions. This allows your practice to redirect and use resources appropriately. Propharm Services will work to provide a cost-neutral or profitable service to you, with minimal impact on the practice.

We actively encourage patients we engage with to return to our pharmacists in your practice for any follow up queries or concerns in the first instance. This is in line with our aim of reducing GP workload.

Our values

Our core belief at Propharm Services is that GP services and patients should be able to access specialist resources and expert care in a way that suits their needs.

With a focus on competence, confidence and person centred engagement, we aim to match pharmacists to individual practice needs.

We recognise that it not always feasible for GP practices to employ pharmacy staff directly. We offer both short-term and long-term sessional cover for both direct patient care and internal practice support.

Sarah Cameron Clinical Pharmacist and Founder

MPharm MRPharmS Independent Prescriber

Working within GP Practices since 2011, Sarah has been at the forefront of the developing role of the pharmacist within primary care.

Beginning in a prescribing support role, Sarah has worked with practice administration, nursing staff and general practitioners to build a solid foundation of clinical knowledge and experience whilst completing her independent prescriber qualification in 2014.

Prior to this, Sarah spent 7 years working within various specialised roles in secondary and tertiary care centres.

Since the introduction of the general practice clinical pharmacist framework, Sarah has been establishing her clinical role within practice and actively identifying areas where GP time can be redirected back to specialist medical patient care.

As a working mother of 3 children, Sarah recognises the importance of the flexible workforce and the potential for improved patient care that arises from combining this with core hours and remote working arrangements.

Propharm Services was established in 2018 with a deep understanding of the challenges that are now faced in primary care and seeks to alleviate pressures on GPs as the sole providers of patient care. This ethos was tested during recent necessary changes in care delivery and has proved vital when supporting practices.

Patient care is the main priority and as the founder of Propharm Services, Sarah is passionate about streamlining and maximising pharmacist services for GP practices.

Matching skills and competence to practice needs, Propharm Services places experienced, competent pharmacists within GP practices. Our team is built through networking and recommendations. All pharmacists have their own professional indemnity insurance and PVG documentation.

Get in touch

We can attend your practice or engage via video link for a free needs analysis discussion.

If you would like to learn more or discuss specific requirements for your practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Email our pharmacy services team

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