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We aim to offer a cost-neutral service to practices where possible. Through our sessional pharmacist work, we can support many health board funded services, allowing your practice to gain extra sessional time for clinicians.

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We provide a range of clinical skills to support GP practices across Scotland, allowing our pharmacists to undertake appropriate monitoring and assessment at the point of care, saving nursing time and enabling comprehensive reviews of treatment.

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Clinical Services

Some examples of clinical support services are provided below, this is not a comprehensive list as pharmacist specialist training varies widely. Contact us directly for specialist advice on your requirements.

From the point of diagnosis, we can initiate, titrate and monitor pharmacological treatment in line with national guidelines and individualised patient care. Undertaking annual reviews, we have an opportunity to support health improvement and change treatment guided by patient experience and up to date evidence.

As clinically trained practitioners we can undertake blood pressure monitoring as indicated and initiate changes at the point of care.


Locum Pharmacist DMARD Monitoring Service in Central Scotland

As a long term condition, diabetes is a growing epidemic within our society and recent times have provided an extra barrier to long term care.

Targeted management of diabetes and associated complications is a public health priority.

We can support monitoring of bloods, medication review, lifestyle advice, clinical assessment, cardiovascular risk assessment and referral to support services in line with local procedure and national guidelines.

Diabetic Services Locum Pharmacist | Propharm Services

Poor asthma control has been identified as an area of priority within the National Review of Asthma Deaths. As experts in medicines and inhaled therapy treatments, our pharmacists can undertake annual reviews or treatment assessments of patients living with asthma and recommend changes to improve control.

We have the skills required to undertake practice based spirometry testing for assessment by medical practitioners. In line with the GOLD guidelines we can assess patients living with COPD and advise or step up treatment as necessary.


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We are experienced in managing acute prescription requests, prescribing where appropriate. Within this service we can triage or recommend treatment for patients with common/minor/self-limiting ailments. Where necessary, patients are referred to another healthcare professional for the appropriate level of care within an appropriate period of time. If you would like to learn more or discuss specific requirements for your practice, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Some examples of clinical support services are provided below. This is not a comprehensive list, as pharmacist specialist training varies widely. Contact us directly for specialist advice on your requirements.