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We aim to offer a cost-neutral service to practices where possible. Through our sessional pharmacist work, we can support many health board funded services, allowing your practice to gain extra sessional time for clinicians.

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I would be delighted to recommend this service to any practice!

Propharm has provided a service over the past few years which has been truly invaluable to the smooth running of our daily operations in General Practice! The knowledge, expertise and skills demonstrated in the work carried out has given us the impetus to expand their role in our surgery.
Initially we used the service to reduce the burden of administrative tasks such as reconciling medications and polypharmacy reviews, but as soon as we realised the breadth and depth of expertise being provided we knew we had to expand their role. We took use of their specialist clinic service, and established the role of the pharmacist in Diabetes management. This has created a substantive easing of my workload as a GP, and it is done with great care and reference to the most up to date evidence, local protocols and provisions. I feel reassured that my patients are being managed to a very high standard. Not only that, the patient contact has proven that the desired personal touch is there too! The feedback from patients has been really encouraging, with feelings
of confidence, reassurance, and high praise! In terms of time management and productivity the standard from Propharm is exceptional. Our pharmacist uses any free time available to carry-out pre discussed audits or reviews that keeps us up to date, and on request they have carried out larger
prescribing projects in a much more efficient manner than we would manage independently.
Propharm is a reliable, consistent and extremely cost effective way of providing medical services in General Practice, and to their credit it is delivered in a friendly, approachable and amenable fashion.
I would be delighted to recommend this service to any practice!